Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1710 - 1782

Experience, References and Testimonials

Accepting and adapting to unfamiliar habits of thinking and working form the decisive basis lasting achievements in a global business environment.

As a consultant, I actively use this insight to my advantage and incorporate intercultural differences actively and profitably in work processes.

The range of my national and international customers with more than 700 inspired and motivated seminar participants from over 30 countries encompasses amongst others the following public clients and private enterprises as well as academic institutions:

Public Clients/Customers

• Worldbank, U.S.A. 
• Inter-American Development Bank IDB, U.S.A. 
• United Nations Development Programme UNDP, U.S.A./Panama 
• German Corporation for Technical Co-operation GTZ, Germany 
• Royal Commission of Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
• Government of Oman
• Government of Syria
• Government of Qatar
• Government of Mauritania
• Government of Panama
• Government of Mexico
• Government of The Bahamas

Private Clients/Customers

• Lufthansa, Germany
• BMW, Germany
• Albert Speer & Partner, Germany
• Accor, Germany
• Audi Akademie, Germany
• Beiersdorf, Germany
• ghh consult, Germany
• Deutsche Bank, Germany
• EXPO 2000 Hanover, Germany
• Federal Mogul, Germany
• SGS, Germany
• Sattler AG, Austria
• ABB, Switzerland
• Tercon, Syria
• JDURC, Saudi Arabia
• Empresas Bern, Panama
• Consorcio LagunaMar, Venezuela
• Dow Chemical, U.S.A.
• ERM, U.S.A./Argentina

Academic Institutions

University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef, Germany
University of Applied Sciences Salzgitter, Germany
• University of Trier, Germany
• Free University Bozen, Italy
• University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany
• University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

• Free University of Berlin, Germany
• accadis Bildung, Germany

• University of Aleppo and University of Damascus, Syria

Articles, features and commentaries were published amongst others in international daily newspapers Süddeutsche Zeitung, Westdeutsche Allgemeine, Hamburger Abendblatt, dolomiten (Italy), Prensa (Panama), Gulf News (Qatar) and Peninsula (Qatar) as well as in recurring magazines GEO Saison, Zeitschrift der Unternehmensberatung, Staufenbiel Consulting, Passport der Hochschule München, Orient Magazin, Werte (Austria) and TTN Middle East (Bahrain).

Further information on several publications is available in English on my weblog (click on the link below):


"It was thoroughly interesting, informative and not one minute boring – thank you very much!"
E.V., Argentina

"You have opened my eyes for my own culture – simply amazing."
Y.Z., Yemen

"Probably the best seminar that I had in 30 years with the company."
B.S., Iraq

"I will never forget the learning effect of the very first exercise – great job on the content and the methodology of the seminar!"
D.K., United Arab Emirates

"A highly competent and skilled trainer – I see many of my own experiences now in a new light!"
S.J. , Kuwait

"The training has prepared us very well for the living and working conditions in Mexico – thanks again for everything!"
C.D., Mexico

"In no previous seminar, had these „click“ and „aha“ moments of sudden insights – a brilliant seminar with a great trainer!"
K.B., United Arab Emirates

"The intercultural seminar has prepared us extremely well: when coming across the first "white lie", I instantly remembered the training and meanwhile, I can manage quite well with that!"
S. L., Saudi Arabia

"We often think back to the training, from our point of view it was perfect – we have not encountered a single situation fro which we had not been prepared!"
S.P., Qatar

"Excellent value, lots of insights, brilliant presentation – thanks a lot from the entire team!"
M. K., Syria

"A highly authentic trainer with a vast set of own management experiences: the real-life stories made the seminar so practical and concrete."
G.V., Panama

"I have now some 38 years of experience in the industry, but this was probably the most valuable two days I ever had."
J.M., Saudi Arabia

"Dividing the training into two separate parts with six months in between was excellent, I gained a lot for my work and for my personal development."
J.M., Spain

"Lively, practical and individually geared to our personal needs – we actually would have liked and additional third training day!"
A.C., Venezuela

"As a Lebanese going to Saudi Arabia, I was sceptical in the beginning – but the seminar has exceeded my expectations by far. Absolutely recommendable!"
S.F., Saudi Arabia

"The seminar changed my life."
B.E., United Arab Emirates